100% One-On-One, Adult Strength & Conditioning.

FIT by FRED takes a unique approach to getting you started working out. We begin by assessing your current limits and then start you on the workout that will move you forward, progressively, to enhanced strength, conditioning and health. It’s collaborative in spirit, but rooted in proven strategies and innovations that deliver good results for those with the commitment to see it through. Are you ready to get started?


My Name is Fred Aylward.

I help people get and stay fit. It’s been my vocation for more than 20 years. I've extensively studied physical and health education to understand the fundamentals that deliver results. I’ve operated large fitness facilities and coached high-performance teams to success. Since 2005, I've been an independent strength and conditioning coach, working with a mature clientele at my own dedicated gym space in Halifax, NS. If you want a highly personalized workout that takes you to your goals, let’s talk.


This isn’t a bootcamp class and it’s definitely not a Cross Fit gym. When you work with FIT by FRED, it’s 100% one-on-one. Together, we explore what you want to achieve, study your current capabilities and limitations, and start a process to build your strength and conditioning in a strategic way. It will take time, effort and a positive attitude, but if you are prepared and committed to do this, you will see results.

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Whether you're just starting your path to fitness, are trying to get fit again or working to be more fit, the FIT by FRED model works. It’s intended for a mature clientele who are willing to commit to getting strong and fit through a strategic plan. If you are ready to experience more mobility, endurance, strength, and performance tell me a bit about yourself by filling in the fields below:

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